Angolan born and raised singer, percussionist and dancer Vivalda Dula has teamed up with Grammy-Winning producer Emilio D. Miler for her newest solo album DULA. Featuring all original music by Vivalda Dula, and performances  by an international cast of stellar musicians, recorded in ten different countries in four continents. This 12-song album is seasoned a bit with South American sound, American funk and gospel, and two gorgeous string quartets. Vivalda's soulful, soaring vocals sing her poetic, socially conscious lyrics in Kimbundu, a language from her native country, as well as Portuguese, Spanish and English. A dynamic  live performer with a griot’s gift for storytelling, Vivalda Dula the songwriter has crafted a musical journey of hope; a call for love and resilience in these challenging times.

“DULA“ is both an intimate portrait of Vivalda Dula, one of the most unique and multi-talented World Music artists of our time, and a celebration of interconnectedness across geographical, ethnic, and musical borders.

Dula’s first track, “Monandengue,” begins with a crash of thunder, heralding a lyric that speaks to the plight of children subjected to human trafficking and forced labor. According to UNODC (United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime) human trafficking report, ´´Worldwide, almost 20% of all trafficking victims are children used for sexual exploitation and forced labour

“We should create a risk free environment for children providing a better community, a better world to these little seeds that one day will become leaders of the nations. Together we can make our voices heard by creating awareness against child abuse, human trafficking and help to stop these epidemic acts of violence“. Vivalda Dula

The dramatic, percussion and strings driven track “Guerreira” pays tribute to the 17th century Angolan queen Njinga Mbande who, like Dula’s mother, was born in the Malanje province. “She was a very, very strong woman,” says Vivalda of her mother, who passed away during the recording of the album in May 2017. “Mom was always very positive. A woman who helped everybody. And she came from a part of the country where women are very strong and hard working.”



"...The closest analogy for DULA’s powerhouse mix is Angelique Kidjo in the first flush of her earlier exuberance. Soulful, stirring, sharp and sassy, Dula is a new African voice to rank alongside the very best." Nigel Williamson , Songlines

"...the new diva of the Angolan world music...Angolan tradition in a modern style." Tim Ianna, tropicalidad.be

"...the singer is a dreamed new icon in world music." Dani Heyvaert in Rootstime.be

"...Her lyrics in Kimbundu, Portuguese, English and even Spanish, catapult the singer from Angola to the world." Gemma Solés i Coll, WIRIKO.org


 Album Single: Mora Em Nós


The album’s catchy single “Mora Em Nós”, it´s an upbeat and danceable groove. Dula sings about the importance of self-love, starting over in life and the fact that true happiness lies only within us.