MÁZUI (Voices) Tribute song for Children, Against Child Labor and Human Trafficking

I am happy and emotional for being able to share this video. Mázui is the tribute song for children in risk situation. Please Help STOP Child Slavery and Human Trafficking in our beautiful world!

Video by: Artery Media Project
Video Director: Mark Larsen 

Musicians involved:
Vivalda Dula - Voice, Percussion (Angola)
MV Robert - Classical Guitar (Chile)
Gabriel Bata - Percussion (Cameroon)
Eric Martin - Bass (USA)
Shiwei Wei - Guzheng (China)

In March of 2013 I found myself seeing an articles about Child Labor/Slavery. These articles felled my eyes with tears and made me feel sad and ashamed of my ignorance. I Took 6 months to recover from the images of horror about Child Abuse and Human Trafficking around the world and with so many countries involved including my own country, Angola.

The only way I could help was Composing the tribute song Mázui (voices) in solidarity to all  ABUSED CHILDREN, AGAINST Human Trafficking in the world spreading the word to help STOP  this epidemic acts of violence. I invited my friends musicians that said ´´Go for it Vivalda´´ and joined me to put this project in action. I  contact NGO Filhos do Coração and more friends. Excited and very motivated,  I need funds to record it and make the video. With no funds I went to Artery Media Project in Houston, Texas and spoke with Mark Larsen (Director) that said ´´ Vivalda the doors of our house are open for you, lets do the project and help these kids´´. After 2 months of intense rehearsals we manage to put it together and make live the record in November 2013 and make it available for the public in February 2014. I confess that it was extremely emotional for me....I truly hope Mazui can help to create some awareness about this issue. 

Vivalda Dula